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Safe2woSay is the coming of age kind of talent. He is a well rounded producer and song writer born and raised in Orange, New Jersey. Though he found his passion for writing at the young age of twelve, as he grew older he found that anything that involve music is what make him feel whole.

D'andre Harper who was formerly known as 'Dray' started rapping after a friend heard him spit a verse he had written to Currency's "Where the cash at" titled "V.A. to N.J." Impressed with the raw talent he heard, he both encouraged him to pursue his gift, so he did. Sometime in his sophmore year at Orange High School he fored a group with his freind Nathan Varley (rapper), Christorpher King (rapper/producer) and Johnathan Hatcher (rapper). Unfortunately the group did not get to do much due to memebers moving. Finally during his junior year he met with three other individuals that will form SoundBox Banditz. While taking digital media and production classes with Charlie Steiner and David Milnes, he heard a song on one of the Macs Steiner provided and asked the artist to met with him after school. They did and started working and recording together, there was a great vibe amongst Cliford "Potent-Chill" Pierre, Ray "Sykez" Sykes and Sem "S Dibbz" Etienne. His senior year he has performed with them at various locations, released three mixtapes (two of them being solo works) and is working on his third.

Pursuing his dream hasn't always been easy. There has been a couple of doubts, differences with his manager and questioning his abilities, but with the help with his team and close friends, he now understands that this music business is where his new home will be. It's safe to say that his mission is to let other people know that being afraid of opinion from peers and getting put down is sort of like a building process to make anyone a fine musician.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soundbox Banditz performance last saturday.

The first song is "Can i get a taste" and the second is "Blue Wind"

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Monday, May 19, 2014

[MUSIC VIDEO] Sykez & Safe2woSay [SBB] - Dominator

The Banditz are back with the visuals to their song "Dominator". Prod. by S2S and verses from Sykez and Safe. Gonna be on their new ep. Dir. by Marco Dorce (HLS film and photography),

Sunday, February 2, 2014

[NEW TRACK] Sykez & Safe2woSay - Dominator


Prepping for the video release , Safe & Sykez decide to drop the track today to build some hype. #Dominator Take a listen.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Soundbox Performance

This past Sunday Safe and the Soundbox Boyz took the stage to perform their new classic "Beef". The new track that will live on their upcoming EP entitled "1922". Produced by S2S w/ verses from S2S, Sykes and Johnny Delight. The three blazed the stage during sykez set at a masConsumption zine event. The new song will be out shortly. Who knows what's next for the boyz, i just hope some great music comes from it. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

[NEW MUSIC] Safe2woSay ft. Kay.D, Mouse Sucks & Capital Ode - One Day (Prod. By Safe2woSay)

Safe2woSay rounds up a few emcees for one of the illest collabs. Kay.D , Mouse Sucks and Capital Ode rap over this s2s beat. Mouse is on the hook with Safe, Kay and Ode having verses. Not to sure what project this will be on but i am here to say that this is definately a BANGER !

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[NEW MUSIC] Safe2woSay ft. Sykez - BrEaK (Prod. By Safe2woSay)

1/2 of the soundbox banditz collaborate on a sampled track prod. by safe. Sykez delivers one of the illest verses he has ever spit to bring life to this track. Orginally recorded for a new project. Sykez and Safe took hip hop to another level here when they added a guitar element being played by chritian.